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Robert Steven Gurwin

Robert Steven Gurwin (6.71 Miles)

Dulles, VA 20166

Intellectual Property Attorney, Litigation Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(703) 265-4196
J.D Moss

J.D Moss (9.05 Miles)

One Freedom Square
Reston, VA 20190-565

Intellectual Property Attorney, Litigation Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(703) 456-8664
Nathan A Evans

Nathan A Evans (9.05 Miles)

Two Freedom Square
Reston, VA 20190-567

Intellectual Property Attorney, Litigation Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(571) 203-2732
Charles Edmund Lipsey

Charles Edmund Lipsey (9.05 Miles)

Two Freedom Square
Reston, VA 20190-567

Intellectual Property Attorney, Litigation Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(571) 203-2755
Andrew Chanho Sonu

Andrew Chanho Sonu (9.05 Miles)

Two Freedom Square
Reston, VA 20190-567

Intellectual Property Attorney, Litigation Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(571) 203-2765
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Guide to Finding Appeal Lawyer

Applying the Appeal: Appeal Lawyers

An appeal happens when the defendant or in some cases the prosecution is unhappy with the outcome of a particular case, and so another judge or a higher court is asked to look at the case again for errors or mistakes. Usually the newly appointed court or judge taking a second look at the case doesn’t reweigh any facts of make a new independent assessment of the facts or evidence presented in the case. Instead the court or the judge looks at the case in its entirety to make a judgment on whether or not the judge who handed down the sentence made legal errors that makes your sentence unlawful or unfair.

Although anyone convicted of a crime can represent himself in the appeal process, an Appeal Lawyer can be the difference between a win and a lost, a lesser sentence and the same one that was initially handed down. The wining of an appeal motion has the power to impact generations of families, as the state or the federal court deliberates to once again decide the fate of the now convicted. As the limits for filing an appeal vary between state and federal court, and then again from state to state, an Appeal Lawyer should be sought once an undesirable conviction has been given. The party that was recently found guilty has the right to appeal both the conviction, and the sentence that was handed down. Appeal Lawyers specialize is just that in addition to helping the party found guilty or those supporting his legal needs decide which option may be best for him.

If the convicted had originally entered into a guilty plea deal, he may not be allowed to appeal his conviction, until he first take the steps to try to withdraw his guilty plea, for which there is a special set of rules. An Appeal Lawyer can assist in appealing a sentence if it is illegal, that is if it is higher than the maximum allowable sentence for the accused crime, which rarely happens, or if the sentence turned out to be higher than was initially agreed upon in the plea bargain between the prosecutor and the defendant. Appeal Lawyers work diligently to help each client apply for all the possible programs that could suit their specific needs such as the request to reconsider the sentence on the grounds of mercy. Through legal assistance, it may also be possible to have conviction, sentence, or both set aside on the grounds that it violated constitutional rights, which would be the case if evidence was used in a trial against the defendant that was garnered through illegal search and seizure of police officers.

Through the efforts of an Appeal Lawyer, the defendant can make sure that all evidence in his trial was used in a way that didn’t offset his inalienable rights, and in the event that new evidence surfaces, the defendant can request a new trial. As defendant and legal advisor work together to show that the evidence uncovered couldn’t have been found before the trial where the verdict was read, and that is presented in a new trial, it could lead to an overturned verdict, his chances at being vindicated become more palpable.

If the time for filing an appeal has passed, a writ of habeas corpus filled by an Appeal Lawyer can be a post-conviction salve. When a defendant has no other way to challenge the decision of a state or a federal court after he has lost an appeal or missed the time frame to submit one, his Appeal Lawyer can file one. Other conditions for filing one are is the convicted believes that:

• He is being held in prison illegally—that is he stay in prison constitutes a violation of his constitutional rights due to an error in his trial

• The conditions of his stay in prison are unconstitutional, because they violate his rights as a human being. A condition of this could be lacking medical facilities, or mistreatment by prison guards or officials.

If the court grants the writ, then the prisoner is bought to the court at the commencement of his hearing. If the court agrees with the defendant, he will either be released from prison, or the prison will be ordered to address the inadequate or improper prison conditions. If the court chooses not to side with the defendant, he’ll be returned to his cell at once.

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