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John A Morrissey

John A Morrissey (532.87 Miles)

13th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601-321

Environmental Lawyer
(312) 814-3000
Margaret Ann Lundahl

Margaret Ann Lundahl (739.55 Miles)

10128 Ave. J
Chicago, IL 60617-600

Appeal Attorney, Appeallate Law Lawyer
(773) 734-0841
Dean W Christy

Dean W Christy (739.64 Miles)

10602 S Ewing
Chicago, IL 60617-661

Family Lawyer
(773) 375-9400
Richard A Lukacek

Richard A Lukacek (739.68 Miles)

10805 S Avenue L
Chicago, IL 60617-660

Environmental Lawyer
Earl J Stone

Earl J Stone (739.71 Miles)

Suite 3505
Chicago, IL 60603-100

Construction Contracts Lawyer
(312) 726-9060
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Guide to Finding Chicago Lawyer


Where do I find a Chicago, IL lawyer?

Those looking for a Chicago, IL lawyer have a number of options to find a reliable attorney. Many laws vary from state to state and even major metropolitan areas will have laws that differ from the rest of the state. Chicago has its own legal tradition and organizations of Chicago, IL lawyer. As such Chicago lawyers, although subject to the same discipline and professional standards as other Illinois lawyers, are still different in their own right. Finding a Chicago, IL lawyer is advantageous for a number of reasons when dealing in an unfamiliar jurisdiction. For this reason, a Chicago, IL lawyer is necessary to help you navigate Chicago local laws.

How are laws unique in Chicago?

Illinois state gun laws do not preempt local laws and Chicago has been able to set its own gun control laws. All firearms must be registered with the local police department. Until 2010, Chicago did not allow the registration of handguns either. Until court cases struck down these restrictions, most firearms were illegal in Chicago. Due to constant legal challenges over firearm restrictions, Chicago law is subject to change. A Chicago, IL lawyer will be best able to inform you on developments in Chicago law and how your case will be affected by these changes.

What are organizations of Chicago, IL lawyers?

The Illinois State Bar Association is a voluntary organization for lawyers with a membership of over 30,000 members. This organization may refer clients to lawyers and all lawyers are entitled to be listed on free. Premium listings are available for a fee and help connect these lawyers to the public.

As the ISBA is voluntary, many Chicago lawyers will be part of the Chicago Bar Association. The CBA was founded in 1874 and one of the oldest metropolitan Bar Associations. Chicago, IL lawyers will be members of this organization due to its specific focus on matters affect the city and Chicago residents. Among the state goals of the CBA include improve the legal profession, enabling the Bar to become more racially and ethnically diverse and improving access of legal services to the underprivileged. CBA membership is open to all including lawyers from the rest of the state as well as out of state.

Unlike the ISBA, the CBA has a lawyer referral service that can connect potential clients to lawyers for a fee of $30. This fee is collected by the attorney but remitted to the CBA. The CBA is also entitled to 15% of the fees the lawyer collects from the case. The individual using the lawyer referral service must determination legal fees in the first consultation with the lawyer that they are connected with through the LRS.

As the state of Illinois requires that Continuing Education Classes be completed by all lawyers, the CBA offers over 120 seminars to its Chicago, IL lawyer members to help them meet their professional requirements and remain licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Additionally services include mentoring for young Chicago, IL lawyers and diversity programs. The CBA also sponsored pro bono programs to encourage its members to occasionally work for the public interest.

How do I know my Illinois lawyer is legitimate?

The Bar Association is the fastest and easiest way to verify the credentials of your lawyer. Although Illinois does not require membership in a Bar Association, most lawyers will be a part of this organization for professional reasons. You may also use the directory of the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois. Here you can find all lawyers and if they are authorized to practice law in Illinois.

Ensure that the law degree is from an accredited law school and that the Chicago, IL lawyer has evidence of admission to the state bar. If the lawyer does not produce these things, then this is likely not an individual that should be dispensing legal advice. Also, look for a history of legal malpractice cases against the lawyer, as this may be indicative of a larger problem the lawyer has with clients, even if the lawsuits were not successful. The ARDC record is important when researching a potential lawyer to represent you.

The ARDC of Illinois is the primary disciplinary body for Illinois lawyers and other organizations will often make the rulings of the ARDC known, as well as take remedial steps against the offender, in accordance to the rules of the organization. You must report any wrongdoing to the part of the lawyer to the ARDC to prevent abuse in the future and to have any wrong done to you, such as excessive billing or coercion resolved.

What are the typical rates of a Chicago, IL lawyer?

When seeking a Chicago, IL lawyer, considerations are usually made for the client’s income and the nature of the case. Therefore, rates will vary by lawyer. Other factors affecting the Illinois lawyer rates are the lawyer’s experience, expertise, service provided and location. For malpractice, personal injury or accident cases, an Illinois lawyer will generally offer an option to work on contingency, with the lawyer collecting a percentage of the award. Some clients may find this preferable to retaining or paying a lawyer by the hour. There may still be fees for the initial consultation and court costs. Additionally, you may be able to receive legal services from Illinois lawyers unbundled or in flat fees. In that way, you pay only for the services you need.

What are questions to ask Chicago, IL lawyers?

How does my case relate to Illinois state and local laws?

What are your fees and do you have alternate payment plans?

Can I please have all fees in writing?

Are you an active member, in good standing, of the Bar Association?

What roles do you play as a member?

What are my chances of winning a settlement or at trial?

Can you refer me to another lawyer if you are unable to take my case?

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