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Sheryle Scharf Levine

Sheryle Scharf Levine (2.01 Miles)

1804 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880-560

Civil Lawyer
(203) 259-0599
Edward J Holahan

Edward J Holahan (2.04 Miles)

1375 Kings Highway East
Fairfield, CT 6824

Civil Lawyer
(203) 384-1385
James E O'Donnell

James E O'Donnell (2.95 Miles)

2452 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06825-240

Civil Lawyer
(203) 374-9700
Antonio Ponvert

Antonio Ponvert (4.46 Miles)

350 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Civil Lawyer
(203) 583-8634
Guy P Soares

Guy P Soares (4.59 Miles)

56 Lyon Terrace
Bridgeport, CT 06604-402

Civil Lawyer
(203) 335-3187
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How Civil Lawyers Can Help

If you have a civil case, then you need to use civil lawyers who are used to this sort of litigation. A civil matter is usually a lawsuit and will require a civil lawyer who understands how to file a lawsuit as well as how to see it through. Not all types of lawyers do this sort of work, so you have to make sure that when you are initiating a civil lawsuit, that you get a civil lawyer who can represent you. Some instances when you will need civil lawyers include someone not paying you for a job that you completed for them or not paying you for other types of money. You will have to pay civil lawyers to help you when you are starting a lawsuit in this case.

Libel cases as well as defamation of character suits are both civil lawsuits and require the help of civil lawyers. In many cases, these can settle before they go to court. If you are looking to start a civil suit against someone for a variety of different reasons, including the fact that they did damage to you in some way, then you are better off to hire civil lawyers who can at least advise you how to go about filing the complaint. In most cases, a civil lawyer will be able to file the complaint and then have the party in the suit served for you as well as see the suit through until it goes to trial or settles, whatever the matter may be.

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