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Guide to Finding Credit Card Lawyer

What is a Credit Card Lawyer?

A credit card lawyer is any lawyer who deals with issues pertaining to credit cards. Credit card law is a field that touches upon both criminal and civil law, with a wide-range of legal concerns. As credit cards become a more and more ingrained part of the American way of life, it is only reasonable that credit card lawyers a necessary ally for consumers.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can be defined as personal misrepresentation in regards to credit cards or related banking systems. Though it can mean merely lying about one’s banking history or accounts, credit card fraud is most often prosecuted as it relates to identity theft. Individuals who engage in identity theft-based credit card fraud find out personal information about others and use it to obtain credit cards in that person’s name and procure debt. This can be done by either hacking into another’s computer or data records system, by creating a fraudulent website which discovers user info, or via a spyware program.

Credit Card Lawyers and Fraud

A good credit card lawyer will defend the rights of the victim of credit card fraud, even getting them their lost money back. Credit card fraud is a felony, and those accused of it should seek a reputable credit car lawyer right away to try and fight the allegations against them.

Fraud and Liability

Victims of credit card fraud are liable for only up to $50 worth of damages as a result of theft. Thankfully, some credit cards will waive this $50 payment if suitable proof can be shown by the victim that they were not responsible for charges made in their name. If you need help demonstrating that you were the victim of credit card fraud, contact a credit card lawyer as soon as possible. Cases of fraud need to be reported within 60 days to be considered as such by the government and financial institutions.Sadly, merchants pay for much of credit card fraud, as they lose the value of whatever goods were sold in the credit card fraud. Financial institutions can reimburse the merchant for the cost of the goods, but suitable proof must again be shown, and it may be in the merchant’s own interest to contact a credit card lawyer to establish this proof.

Infamous Credit Card Fraud

The sad truth is that few credit card criminals are ever caught, in part because internet-perpetrated hacking or spyware crimes can prove difficult for law enforcement agents to enforce, in part because fraud causes concern relatively little money, usually a few thousand dollars at most, so that it is difficult to interest law enforcement agents to act over them. Thankfully, sometimes credit card fraud victims and the credit card lawyers acting on their behalf have been able to find and then to prosecute criminals.

The most famous and successful of all perpetrators of credit card fraud is Albert Gonzalez. Gonzalez was a computer hacker who managed to break into the computers of TJX Companies. He stole 45.6 million credit card numbers. From Heartland Payment Systems, he stole 130 million credit card numbers! Capable credit card lawyers were able to successfully prosecute him, and Gonzalez eventually pleaded guilty and returned 1.65 million dollars to their rightful owners. He is now serving 15-25 years in jail.

Credit Card Bankruptcy

Credit cards offer their holders a convenient alternative to traditional cash payment; not only are credit cards easier to use but they also allow their user to buy goods even when they don’t have cash at their immediate disposal. Unfortunately, this convenience allows some users to amass unsurmountable debt. If an individual’s debt exceeds their ability to pay it and meet repayment obligations, they may file for bankruptcy which offers an alternative payment play.

Credit Card Lawyers and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a confusing legal category that may require a credit card lawyer’s assistance to navigate properly. Bankrupt individuals must choose between two types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7, in which a person’s worth is liquidated to pay off existing debt, and Chapter 13, which requires monthly payment plans to the court. Once you develop with a credit car lawyer your repayment strategy, your credit car lawyer can contact your local court, initiating either the Chapter 13 repayment plan or the Chapter 7 liquidation process.

Credit Card Debt Relief Programs

Credit Card Debt Relief, or Credit Card Debt Adjustment, is an alternative to declaring bankruptcy. It is fashioned to allow the individual who is in credit card debt to achieve debt relief, which is something that can be done through a number of different methods. These can include:

A Standard Debt Settlement—This has a standardized payment plan created to help the debtor relieve themselves of their debt.

A Graduated Debt Settlement—Dissimilar to the standard repayment plan above, this allows for variation in the monthly debt payment.

An Extended Debt Settlement—This allows the debtor to extend the debt repayment period, which also allows for a smaller monthly payment.

A Prorated Debt Settlement—This settlement is a complex formula which allows factors like the debtor’s earning power to be considered as part of the repayment.

The Necessity of Credit Card Lawyers in Relief Programs

Since it can be difficult to decide which credit card debt relief program is right for you, credit card lawyers are an important resource which can be utilized when deciding which program to help you liberate yourself from debt.

However, it’s doubly important to contact a credit card lawyer since the credit card debt relief industry is unfortunately overrun with individuals attempting to benefit off of the misfortune of others. Fraudulent credit card debt relief programs are often those which advertise offers that are seemingly too good to be true. The industry standard is that any credit card debt relief program offering more than a 70% reduction in debt payments is likely fraudulent. Make sure to contact a credit card lawyer before signing a contract with any firm, but especially one that you suspect may be fraudulent.

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