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William K Haldeman (2,257.19 Miles)

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One aspect of the law in Nevada that is non-existent in other states is gaming law. If you are involved in litigation over gambling in a Las Vegas casino then it is important to consult a Las Vegas lawyer. Las Vegas casino’s can sue you civilly to recover from an individual who fails to pay back a “marker” given by the casino to the consumer.

If you fail to pay back a “marker” to a casino you can, not only be brought up on civil charges, but be brought up on criminal charges. For this reason it is important to have Las Vegas Lawyers. Las Vegas, and Nevada, consider failure to pay a marker as a felony which can result in fines of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail.

If you have failed to pay back a casino marker it is imperative that you contact a Las Vegas lawyer. Las Vegas lawyers will be able to go to negotiate with the district attorney’s office to come up with a financial plan for repaying the debt. Prosecutors and judges in Nevada are not interested in sending you to prison but they will do so if you do not pay the debt or at least make a good faith effort.

What is a Las Vegas Lawyer?

A Las Vegas lawyer is an attorney, barred in the State of Nevada, and in good standing with the Nevada Bar Association who practices law in the city of Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada. As the most populated city in Nevada there are a wide range of Las Vegas lawyers at your disposal offering legal services in a wide range of topics. If you are being prosecuted for a criminal charge, are defending a civil action, or suing for damages in a civil court in Las Vegas you will want to retain the expertise of a Las Vegas lawyer.

Las Vegas is known as “sin city” and many people come from around the world to take in all that Las Vegas has to offer. As such, when you are arrested or are being sued in Las Vegas it is not always in your best interest to represent yourself in the matter, no matter how minimal the charges or your expertise. It will cost you money, time, and stress to travel back to Las Vegas to represent yourself in court. For that reason, having a Las Vegas lawyer to help you in these matters is essential.

A Las Vegas Lawyer will also be aware of all the the laws imposed by the State of Nevada, and the city of Las Vegas that pertain to his area of expertise. It is a common misconception that “everything goes” in Las Vegas and that you can do what you want. In some ways this is true, but in other ways it is completely false and in many situations the laws are so detailed that you can be arrested for something that you thought was legal.

Some examples of laws that are often misinterpreted and cause trouble for visitors of Las Vegas are:

1. Despite the common conception about Las Vegas, prostitution is illegal in the city of Las Vegas and in Clark County, Nevada. If you are caught soliciting a prostitute you will be brought up on misdemeanor charges and you will likely need a Las Vegas lawyer to represent you. In the State of Nevada prostitution is legal in counties that have a population of less than 400,000 people. Clark County, being the most populous county in Nevada, is well over this limit and thus prostitution, of any kind, is illegal.

2. Las Vegas has distinct liquor laws. In the city of Las Vegas is it legal to possess intoxicating beverages on designated city streets and it is even legal to have an open container on public transportation within the city limits. What is not legal is for individuals to have open intoxicating beverages on non-designated city streets or to drive your motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. 40% of those people who are arrested in Las Vegas are arrested because of a violation of this law. If you are seeking to visit Las Vegas you should consult with a Las Vegas lawyer or someone in the Las Vegas law enforcement to find out what is classified as a “designated street. In addition, if you have been charged with this violation you may want to seek representation by a Las Vegas lawyer so that you will not be incarcerated in the state due to violations of this law during your visit.

3. The legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol is 0.08%. All that is required for an arrest is that you are driving the vehicle and you are over this threshold. This standard is much stricter than most other states and the penalties are more severe. If you have been charged with a DUI then you should seek a Las Vegas Lawyer immediately.

4. Reckless driving in Las Vegas has a penalty of $250 - $2,000 for misdemeanor charges. If you are charged with felony reckless driving that results in injury or death to another person or property then you can face a $5,000 fine and up to 6 years in a Nevada State Prison.

5. Gambling is the biggest business in Las Vegas, and there are many laws that protect casinos. Two of the most important are that chips and slot machine winnings that are not claimed are the property of the casino. If you see an unattended slot machine with a winning slip in it you may not take it. If you do you may be brought up on charges and need the aid of a Las Vegas lawyer. Another gambling law is that failure to pay a “marker” given to you by a casino may, not only be a civil action against you, but also result in felony charges filed against you by the City Attorney’s Office. A Las Vegas Lawyer will need to be retained to fight the charges and negotiate a financial plan with the district attorney.

6. Possession of drugs in Las Vegas is illegal. Even though it may seem like you can do what you want, prosecution for possession of marijuana is a violation of the law with penalties for a first offense being as much as a $600 and mandatory drug rehabilitation. A fourth offense can even land you in prison for up to 4 years.

What questions to ask a Las Vegas Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime in Las Vegas you will need the help of a Las Vegas lawyer. Even if you are planning a trip to las vegas and have not been charged with anything it is often a prudent move to consult a Las Vegas lawyer about laws in the city that you may not be aware of. Ignorance of the law is not a defense and you don’t want to have your vacation ruined by being arrested for something you did not know you were not allowed to do. When meeting with a las vegas lawyer, whether for a consultation or for representation, you should have a number of questions ready to ask. These include, but are not limited to:

How long have you been practicing? in Las Vegas?

What are the gambling, prostitution, liquor laws that a visitor should be aware of?

Are you currently in good standing, and have no disciplinary actions pending against you by the city of Las Vegas of the State of Nevada?

What kind of cases do you handle?

What are your representation fees?

What are your consultation fees?

What are the “designated areas” that I am allowed to have an open intoxicating beverage in?

Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence occurs when there is a dispute between family members or members of a sexual relationship that results in violence. If you are being prosecuted in Las Vegas for domestic violence it is important that you retain a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer. Domestic violence, without the use of a weapon, in considered a misdemeanor in Las Vegas. As such the penalties for being found guilty of domestic violence include up to a $1,000 fine and up to 180 days in jail; therefore it is prudent to retain a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer. Charges of domestic violence are prosecuted by the City Attorney’s Office and, unlike popular belief, they do not involve the victim whatsoever. If police come to your house and feel that you have committed domestic violence they may arrest you and you can be tried. The alleged victim has not right to drop the charges. You will need a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer because once a domestic violence action has been filed in the City Attorney’s Office then the trial will proceed unless the prosecutor feels there is not enough evidence to sustain a conviction.

Lawyer Attorney Service Las Vegas

As Nevada’s most populous city, there are numerous lawyers in Las Vegas to choose from. Often this can be overwhelming and you will need the help of a Lawyer/Attorney service. Las Vegas supplies a lawyer referral service through the Nevada Bar Association. By contacting the Nevada Bar Association at 702-382-0504 or going to you will have access to the Nevada Lawyer/Attorney service. Las Vegas lawyers who offer there services through the referral service will charge you a $45 initial consultation fee if they are referred to you by the Lawyer/Attorney service. Las Vegas lawyers are not required to take your case after the consultation and you are not required to retain them. When contacting the service you should input your name, address, language preferred, and a description of the legal issue with the lawyer/attorney service. Las Vegas attorney will then be able to help you make decisions about where to go with your case.

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