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Guide to Finding Maryland Domestic Violence Lawyer

Everyone has a temper, and it is perfectly legitimate to become angry when something upsetting happens. However, no one under any circumstances has the right to abuse you, physically or otherwise. If you or your child is the victim of domestic violence, call a Maryland domestic violence lawyer right away to seek relief from someone who is harming your family.

Deciding if You Are the Victim of Domestic Violence

When anger and frustration crosses the line into abuse is a tricky gray area, and it can be hard to distinguish what qualifies as domestic violence especially when it is happening in your own home with people you love. Domestic abuse comes in many forms, and you should discuss the particulars of your own situation with a Maryland domestic violence lawyer to better understand if you or a loved one has been its victim. However, if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you should contact a Maryland domestic violence lawyer right away and seek legal recourse.

• Has your partner physically injured you?

• Are you living in fear that your partner will cause injury to you or to your loved ones?

• Have you ever been touched threateningly by your partner?

• Have you ever been touched sexually in a way that you didn’t allow?

• Has your partner ever destroyed your own property? In doing so, did they make you fear for your safety?

• Has you ever been held in a location by your partner and not allowed to leave, even though you expressed a desire to leave?

MD Domestic Violence Lawyers and Protective Orders

The first task that an MD domestic violence lawyer will see to once you two agreement that you are the victim of domestic violence is to file a protective order against the abusing partner. There are three types of protective orders that you should know about:

Interim orders: These protective orders are issued when you apply to a court after regular hours or on a day that the court is closed. To get an interim order, apply with your nearest District Court commissioner. Interim orders are meant for when you fear that you are in imminent danger from a domestic abuser, so you may want to file one before consulting with your MD domestic violence lawyer. They are in effect from when a police officer delivers them to the abuser until when a hearing is scheduled, usually within two days.

Temporary orders: At the time of your initial hearing, you may petition the court for a temporary protective order which will be active during the legal procedures until a judge decides whether a final order will be issued. Temporary orders usually last for seven days and may be extended for no more than thirty days.

Final protective order: After a full court hearing, during which time both you and the person you are accusing of abuse are heard from, the judge will decide whether to issue a final protective order. Most final protective orders are active for one year, though depending on whether the defendant has a history of abusing you they can be permanent.

Finding an MD Domestic Violence Lawyer and Other Legal Resources

There are numerous resources available to victims of domestic and sexual violence, many of which can help you locate trained MD domestic violence lawyers. Most of these attorneys work pro bono or at a reduced rate. Calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (that's 1-800-799-7233) will get you 24/7 advice on escaping from domestic violence, including numbers and locations for shelters and legal centers nearby. Additionally, the website for the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence lists regional legal services that will put you in touch with MD domestic violence lawyers.

What if I Wasn’t Granted a Protective Order?

Not being granted a final protective order from a court is one of the best reasons to hire a Maryland domestic violence lawyer. No one should have to live their life afraid for their own safety, so if you believe that the court made a mistake, you should consult with an MD domestic violence lawyer to decide what your next course of action should be.

In general, an MD domestic violence lawyer will advise one of two things. They may conduct a further investigation trying to uncover new evidence that you suffered abuse at the hands of your partner. If your MD Domestic violence lawyer is successful, then you can re-apply for a protective order. Otherwise, an MD domestic violence lawyer can still file to appeal the judge’s decision if you agree that the judge made a legal error. These appeals can be very technical and should only be handled by experienced MD domestic violence lawyers.

What if I’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a serious crime which the Maryland justice system can punish severely. One allegation can involve you in the legal justice system for years, and even a non-violent offense like the alleged violation of a protective order carries with it a months-long prison sentence. If you know that you are being accused of domestic violence, you should contact a Maryland domestic violence lawyer right away to help clear your name and avoid prison time.

One of the best ways to contact an MD domestic violence lawyer is through a legal referral system. With these, you will call a service and be interviewed by a trained representative about your legal needs. You’ll then be connected to an MD domestic violence lawyer in your area, and will be able to set up a consultation for only a small nominal fee instead of the MD domestic violence lawyer’s normal hourly price. Since these lawyers are prescreened by the service, an MD domestic violence lawyer found through a referral service comes with a recommendation.

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