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Thomas Lemoine Campoli

Thomas Lemoine Campoli (1,519.38 Miles)

27 Willis Street
Pittsfield, MA 1201

Injury Lawyer
(413) 443-6485
John Ferrara

John Ferrara (1,538.35 Miles)

1 Monarch Place
Springfield, MA 01144-400

Injury Lawyer
(413) 736-6971
Edward J. Jr McDonough

Edward J. Jr McDonough (1,538.49 Miles)

67 Market Street
Springfield, MA 01102-903

Injury Lawyer
(413) 737-0260
Clarence J Bennett

Clarence J Bennett (1,540.51 Miles)

Suite 708
Springfield, MA 01103-207

Injury Lawyer
(413) 736-4541
Richard J Fontaine

Richard J Fontaine (1,543.22 Miles)

64 Gothic Street
Northampton, MA 01060-304

Injury Lawyer
(413) 586-5100
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Guide to Finding Massachusetts Injury Lawyer

Injuries are capable of forever affecting and harming their victim’ lives. They shouldn’t be suffered in silence, with their sufferers’ credit history being irrevocably damaged by medical fees while they mend from physical damage. Parties guilty of negligence which causes someone to be hurt can and should be held accountable by Massachusetts law to their victims. Sadly, the law is sometimes less than straightforward, and it can talk a good Massachusetts injury lawyer to navigate it well.

What is a Massachusetts Injury Lawyer?

Tort law is the area of the court dealing with complaints between two private entities, such as a personal and a private business, that in general do not greatly affect society at large, as criminal activity does. Massachusetts injury lawyers are experienced with tort law and are trained to write and file complaints for their clients efficiently and expertly. They’ve all attended graduate law programs and have passed the Bar Examination in Massachusetts, licensing them to practice law in the state.

When to Contact a Massachusetts Injury Lawyer

Though injuries are a common fact of contemporary life, they could still often be avoidable if not for another’s negligence. Thankfully, Massachusetts injury lawyers are well-versed and knowledgable about a wide-range of different typical injuries. Here are a few different types of cases that a Massachusetts injury lawyer may be experienced in:

Motor Vehicle Accidents: When you drive a car, a motorcycle, or a truck, you are entitled to operate it safely and without being injured by reckless drivers. Thousands of people are injured in traffic accidents every year, many by drivers who are in violation of the law. Those violations may include driving while distracted by talking or texting on a cellular phone, speeding, running a stop sign or a red traffic light, refusing to signal, improper passing or failure to safely maintain a vehicle.

Product liability: We live in a consumer society wholly dependent on tools and material goods to function, so much so that we sometimes forget that the products are not always dependable but at the mercy of their designers and producers’ negligence. If a product you were using malfunctioned in some way, causing you injury, then you should seek an MA injury lawyer to help you get compensated. Common subjects of product liability complaints include hip replacements, medications such as antidepressants and anti-cholesterol pills, industrial machinery, table saws, trans-vaginal mesh products and infant products such as cribs.

Medical malpractice: We are so at the mercy of doctors and other professionals during medical procedures that we like to imagine that they are entirely incapable of mistake. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors harm us instead of doing the good they promised. Negligent doctors can be held accountable by MA injury lawyers for the harm they cause their patients.

Brain injury: There are numerous ways for someone you love to have suffered from a brain injury, from having been violent assaulted to having been in an automobile accident to having had poor nursing care, but once a brain injury has been sustained it can be irrevocable. If you can prove a brain injury has occurred and significant damages has been done by it, contact a MA injury lawyer to find its causer and bring them to court.

How Can I Contact a MA Injury Lawyer?

Since there are so many MA injury lawyers available, finding the right one for you is an intimidating task that requires good investigative skills. But doing research like reading this article is a good start to help prepare you since this research can give good tips on where to start your search and what to look for. Here are resources you might use to find MA injury lawyers:

Referral services: These are a great choice to use since they direct you to a MA injury lawyer who has been pre-screen by the service to do a great job for you. The service begins with a phone call during which you are interviewed about your legal needs. The interviewer than refers you to the MA injury lawyer best suited for those needs. For a nominal fee instead of their normal hourly rate, you then have a consultation with the referred-to attorney. There are many private referral services, but there is also one run by the Massachusetts State Bar which can be contacted at (866) MASS-LRS.

Legal directories: Directories list off different attorneys in your region. There are many available online, but in-print you can look for a MA injury lawyer in the directory printed by the Massachusetts State Bar Association. Additionally, the Martindale-Hubbell directory can be found in most libraries and gives a nationwide list of lawyers.

Advertisements: Most advertisements you see on television or in magazines that are for lawyers in Massachusetts are for Massachusetts injury lawyers. These lawyers are not only well-versed in filing torts but successful enough doing so to afford these advertisements.

Personal Advice: Even if we didn’t already know it, many of our friends and family members may have been victims of injuries caused by negligence in the past. If so, they may be able to recommend a good MA injury lawyer to you who is perfect for your particular case.

Statute of Limitations

If you believe that you qualify to file an injury complaint against another party, you should contact a Massachusetts injury lawyer as soon as possible since the government of Massachusetts has created a statute of limitations which limits the length of time during which an individual may file an injury lawsuit. This time is three years for most torts, but exceptions exist. For instance, in cases of medical malpractice, that is three years from the date of the discovery of the injury, not from the date of the injury itself. Contact an MA injury lawyer to know more about what dates apply to you and whether you are eligible to file a complaint.

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