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Donnell L Robinson

Donnell L Robinson (364.19 Miles)

361 S Water St.
Marine City, MI 48039

Criminal Lawyer
(810) 765-8802
Donald Bruce Beaton

Donald Bruce Beaton (364.25 Miles)

137 S Water St.
Marine City, MI 48039

Injury Lawyer
(810) 765-3333
Christine S Schafer

Christine S Schafer (365.51 Miles)

14 Rose Terrace St.
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Insurance Lawyer
(313) 886-5493
Anthony R Smereka

Anthony R Smereka (365.56 Miles)

10580 Boucher
Grosse Ile, MI 48138-200

Employment Lawyer
Brian W Peabody

Brian W Peabody (365.75 Miles)

41 Fisher Rd.
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230

Insurance Lawyer
(313) 885-6688
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Guide to Finding Michigan Lawyer


State governments will have their own laws on certain matters and these laws will vary from state to state. To understand Michigan laws better, one is best served by Michigan lawyers that are knowledgeable of local laws and the jurisdiction, a Michigan lawyer serves a very useful purpose when dealing with litigation or disputes within that jurisdiction.

How do laws vary from state-to-state?

Many laws, such as seatbelt usage, window tinting, gun ownership and marijuana possession are at the discretion of the state. Although there may be overlapping federal legislation, it is often a safe assumption that traffic, weapons and illegal materials vary from state to state. For instance, in Michigan, gun laws are extensive and complex. For instance, unlike many other states, a Taser is considered a firearm and subject to the same regulations under Michigan law. Michigan residents may not purchase or use Tasers. Further gun laws prevent anyone but Michigan residents from buying pistols in state and these guns must be registered and licensed with the police. Michigan is a “shall issue” gun permit state, which implies that anyone over 21, without serious intervening factors, such as mental illness, may own a gun. Michigan law Is even more complex that this, so if you find yourself in violation of this and many other laws unique to Michigan, a Michigan lawyer can help explain your rights a prepare a defense.

Why would I need a Michigan lawyer?

Jurisdictions vary and even lawyers from neighboring states are not always entirely aware of laws in the other states. Aside from obvious geographic advantages, having a Michigan lawyer when dealing with a case in Michigan is the best option to ensure the lawyer is well informed and able to properly advocate for your needs, within state law.

What are organizations of Michigan lawyers?

The State Bar of Michigan is a mandatory membership bar association for all Michigan lawyers. Membership is a flat $50 yearly fee with no considerations for hardship or seniority. Active and inactive members of the armed forces may be eligible for a fee waiver up to four times while on active duty. Failure to pay dues will cause the suspension of the Michigan lawyer from the Bar, which also leads to late fees and possible reinstatement fees. Failure to pay due for three years will force the lawyer to seek recertification. There are additional fees for sectional membership, which is useful for specialized lawyers to keep up to date with legal developments and connect with other specialist lawyers.

The State Bar also offers a lawyer referral service and with a $75 registration fee and is available to all members of the Bar. If a Michigan lawyer refuses consultations for a number of referrals, then the lawyer will lose priority in the referral system and may also be removed from the referral system altogether. A percentage of high attorney fees must be remitted to the referral service and if a member of the Bar loses good standing due to misconduct, then the lawyer will also be removed from the referral system.

How do I know my Michigan lawyer is legitimate?

Membership in the State Bar Association in mandatory and those lawyers that do not pay their membership fees are placed on non-payment lists, which are distributed to the courts and other legal professional services. This will prevent an ineligible Michigan lawyer form representing you in court. This matter is a bit trickier when seeking a non-litigation legal service, such as document preparation. The Michigan State Bar issues certificates of good standing to members in addition to other forms of proof. Ask the Michigan lawyer to examine his credentials. This includes a degree from an accredited law school as well as proof of membership in the Bar. If the lawyer does not produce these things, then this is likely not an individual that should be dispensing legal advice.

What are the typical rates of a Michigan lawyer?

It is difficult to predict precise rates for seeking legal advice from a Michigan lawyer. As with all legal services, considerations are usually made for the client’s income and the nature of the case. Excessive fees are limited by Michigan law and administer the reasonable lawyer test, with consideration for reasonableness made on a case-by-case basis. Lawyers are required to refund all unused payment for services upon the termination of services. A typical Michigan lawyer will offer a number of alternate arrangements and payment options that can include working on contingency for accident and negligence cases. For these cases, the lawyer can claim a percentage or lump sum of a settlement won for a client. Michigan law limits contingency fees for personal injury cases to no more than 1/3 of the award, with considerations for substantial settlements. Some clients may find this preferable to retaining or paying a lawyer by the hour. Be aware that even with contingency arrangements, the client may still be expected to pay for court fees and other associated costs. Additionally, you may be able to receive legal services from Michigan lawyers unbundled or in flat fees. In that way, you pay only for the services you need. Prices quoted for litigation cases are almost always estimates, which is problematic for lengthy or problematic cases. Choose a trustworthy lawyer that has a record of fair fees before embarking on a lengthy legal process.

Lawyers in general prefer not to advertise non-flat fees, lest their estimate prove insufficient for lengthy court cases and proceedings. However, most Michigan lawyers will offer free consultations where you will be able to express your concerns about fees and the estimate of how much you can pay and when. There are enough Michigan lawyers and law firms that you can choose from, so feel free to take as many consultations as possible. Be sure to ask about ancillary fees and fees for using office staff and resources. Some law offices will even charge for incoming phone calls. Be sure to have all fees in writing. When dealing with unreasonable or hidden fees from a Michigan lawyer, you may need to contact the local bar association to enter fee dispute resolution.

What are questions to ask Michigan lawyers?

How does my case relate to Michigan state and local laws?

What are your fees and do you have alternate payment plans?

Are you a member, in good standing, of the Michigan State Bar Association?

What roles do you play as a member?

Can I please have all fees in writing?

What are my chances of winning a settlement or at trial?

Can you refer me to another lawyer if you are unable to take my case?

Michigan Lawyers Weekly is a publication for Michigan lawyers that inform them on state and federal court opinions and rulings in Michigan. The Michigan Lawyers Weekly also publishes information from the State Bar Association, including notices of suspensions and reinstatements. In addition to news, the Michigan Lawyers Weekly maintains a legal blog, classifieds and other resources for Michigan lawyers. One may receive print and digital copies of the Michigan Lawyers Weekly through subscription, where at its maximum level guarantees a 1 year subscription, with 52 print issues, unlimited website access and email alerts on legal developments for $335 dollars. Those seeks a job will find the Michigan Lawyers Weekly jobs section useful. The Michigan Lawyers Weekly jobs section is the best location for associates and legal administrative staff to find law offices and other organizations that has a need for their skills. In addition to the Michigan Lawyers Weekly jobs section are the classifieds, which offer ADR services, experts, lawyer to lawyer referrals and legal products & services. Those looking for Michigan Lawyers Weekly jobs need not subscribe to the Michigan Lawyers Weekly and can use the job search tools free of charge. The job search may be user-limited by category or search term. Additionally, all positions available on the Michigan Lawyers Weekly jobs section can be viewed, for the broadest possible results.

A Michigan OWI lawyer can help individuals caught operating a vehicle or machinery under the influence of drugs and alcohol defend themselves against harsh sentencing. Some violators may receive lenient or even no penalties. While this is by no means the norm, in the event of a serious violation of OWI laws, a Michigan drunk driving lawyer is a necessity to serve as the client’s advocate, working to strike deals and prevent the maximum penalty from being enforced. This may mean the Massachusetts OWI lawyer recommending a guilty plea to prevent further litigation with harsher penalties. In the plea agreement, the Michigan drunk driving lawyer can secure some form of leniency. In rarer cases, a Michigan OWI lawyer can have a case dismissed through technicalities, such as attributing the client’s failure on a field sobriety test to a preexisting health condition, such as a leg injury. Could the client have held himself steady during the test with an existing leg injury? If the Michigan OWI lawyer can introduce enough doubt into the validity of the tests, the client may walk away from the court penalty free.

When meeting with Michigan OWI lawyer, bring all information that can help or potentially hurt your case, including the ticket, results of breathalyzer tests and your account of the police stop and subsequent actions. Be mindful of the fact that the legal limit for alcohol is .08 Blood Alcohol Content and that definitive proof that the client is over this limit will all but doom the chances of having the case dismissed.

A first DUI offense in Michigan can carry penalties as severe as 93 days in jail, a fine ranging from $100 – $500 dollars and 360 hours of community service. This is not quite as severe as many other states, but a cause for concern, especially for repeat offenders. Penalties are progressively worse for repeat offenders. There are event penalties for those that enable another to drive while impaired, shifting liability to others that could have prevented the DUI. Lastly, there are severe penalties when the violation of the DUI laws involve child endangerment or causes death and serious injury, with the most severe penalties imposed on OWI crashes that kill police or firefighters. A good Michigan OWI lawyer is necessary in all DUI/OWI cases to lessen the more severe punishments and present a reasonable case for your innocence, or at least lessen liability.

There are many ways by which an individual may find lawyers in Michigan. You may use this website’s search function to find a lawyer in Michigan. Additionally, you may use the Michigan Bar Association’s directory to find a lawyer. Michigan Bar Association membership is mandatory, and failure for a lawyer to pay dues will disqualify him or her from practicing law in Michigan. The State Bar of Michigan maintains a lawyer referral service where members that pay a fee can be connected to potential clients. All lawyers in Michigan that are in good standing may be part of the service, for a fee and all will be constrained by rules of professionalism and ethics.

Lawyers in Michigan follow similar payment and fee arrangements to other lawyers around the country. It is up to the client to do adequate research on lawyers in Michigan. Some may charge exorbitant, but perfectly legal fees so do take advantage of free consultation, if possible, with a lawyer. Court fees are almost always paid by the client, regardless of the case or payment arrangements. Michigan legal associations offer fee dispute services for clients that feel their lawyer has charged them exorbitantly or outside of prearranged fee arrangements. Do not hesitate to use this service if this is the case.

When choosing a lawyer in Michigan, be sure to check their credentials properly. Bar association membership, especially membership in specialized sections is important and the number of years serving on the Bar is a good measure of the quality of lawyer you will get. Ensure that the lawyer is willing to maintain communication with you, is objective and above all, professional. Ask for examples of how the lawyer in Michigan has handled other, similar cases. This will help you to determine if you need another lawyer in Michigan. Following these steps will ensure that your experience with your lawyer is positive and that you receive the desired redress through settlement or in a court of law.

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