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Dennis E Koley

Dennis E Koley (517.29 Miles)

Columbus Fed Svgs Bk Bg
Fremont, NE 68026-047

Real Estate Lawyer
(402) 721-3900
David R Buntain

David R Buntain (619.76 Miles)

1900 U.S. Bank Building
Lincoln, NE 68508

Employment Lawyer
(402) 474-6900
John L Horan

John L Horan (619.76 Miles)

1900 U.S. Bank Building
Lincoln, NE 68508

Bankruptcy Lawyer
(402) 474-6900
Don R Janssen

Don R Janssen (619.76 Miles)

1900 U.S. Bank Building
Lincoln, NE 68508

Tax Lawyer
(402) 474-6900
Fredric H Kauffman

Fredric H Kauffman (619.76 Miles)

1900 U.S. Bank Building
Lincoln, NE 68508

LIT Lawyer
(402) 474-6900
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Guide to Finding Nebraska Lawyer


Finding a Nebraska is easy when you know where to look. Even in states such as Nebraska, there are a number of legal professionals and those that need legal services will certainly have their share of options. Since all Nebraska lawyers must be members of the Nebraska State Bar Association, this will provide potential clients with the peace of mind in knowing that their lawyer has been vetted by an organization managed by the state government. Once you have verified NSBA membership, feel free to choose any Nebraska lawyer to suits you needs. Follow this guide to learn how you can be a savvy consumer when selecting a Nebraska lawyer.

What is the regulatory organization for Nebraska lawyers?

The Nebraska State Bar Association licenses Nebraska lawyers to practice law in the state and as an integrated bar, membership is mandatory. The NSBA boasts 9,300 member lawyers and is headquartered in the state capital. Among its initiatives, the NSBA hosts a Volunteer Lawyers Project that encourages Nebraska lawyers to donate legal services to low income Nebraska residents. Like other bar associations, the NSBA provides continuing legal education classes (CLE) to help member lawyers stay to date with developments in state and local law.

How does the NSBA safeguard clients of Nebraska lawyers?

All mandatory membership bar association advocate for the rights and needs of clients through codes of professional and ethical conduct. In addition, members of the NSBA will contribute to a client security fund, which is intended to compensate victims of fraud and professional malpractice. This coverage supplements liability coverage typically carried by many lawyers. In addition to this fund, the NSBA will serve as a third party between Nebraska lawyers and their clients. Fulfilling this role, the NSBA will arbitrate fee disputes and investigate complaints of unprofessional conduct by Nebraska lawyers. The Counsel for Discipline will investigation breaches of the Rules of Professional Conduct but will not help you pursue a civil case against a lawyer. Those found in violation may have their license to practice law suspended. You must follow the procedure to file a grievance for an investigation to commence. The investigation is kept secret until allegations are proven against the Nebraska lawyer.

How can I verify my Nebraska lawyer is legitimate?

The Nebraska State Bar Association provides a directory of every lawyer authorized to practice law in the state. You can search this directory on the state bar website, or contact the state bar directly to enquire about the current status of an attorney you may be considering. If you suspect the unauthorized practice of law, you should notify the state bar without delay to protect clients from fraud.

How do I find a Nebraska lawyer?

Aside from using this website’s Find Attorney’s function, located at the top of every page, you may use public lawyer search, located on the NSBA website. Here you can search for lawyers by name, practice area and location. There is no statewide lawyer referral service, as is found in other states, but the Omaha Bar Association does maintain a lawyer referral service for the city of Omaha and surrounding counties. There is no fee involved with the use of this service, but you may be charged $40 for an initial consultation with a Nebraska attorney. Certain legal lawyer, such as worker’s compensation, will not be subject to this fee.

What are the typical rates of a Nebraska lawyer?

The billing arrangements will vary depending on the type of legal matter you are dealing with. The three typical forms of billing arrangements are contingency, retainer and flat. Hourly fees are also typically assessed for short term legal matters. There will be additional fees for use of support staff, communication and the use of law firm resources. Not all firms have these fees but you should be aware that these fees do exist. Having a written fee arrangement will keep you informed on how you will be billed and provide you with a record in case you need to enter fee dispute resolution.

The contingency fee arrangement is used for litigation only and pays the Nebraska lawyer a percentage of the jury award. This incorporates time spent and services rendered. You will typically be told that the lawyer does not collect a fee unless the firm wins the case. This is a contingency arrangement. This arrangement does not cover court fees, which will be paid by you. This is the cost of filing the case assessed by the civil court.

Fee arrangements may be reviewed by the court instances of a high jury payout or there is a reasonable belief that the arrangement is exploitive to the client. This is only in exceptional cases.

When setting up a billable trust account for a retainer ensure you know how and when the account will be billed and if you are expected to refill the account automatically. Ensure you know what fees will be charged against the retainer.

Are pro bono Nebraska lawyers available?

Free services may be available to low-income families as well as no-cost consultations. Some insurance plans will cover the cost of attorneys in accident liability cases. Typical pro bono work will be for family law or divorce issues while most accident and negligence case will rely on a contingency arrangement, unless the indigent person is in need of the entire award, due to substantial damages or economic need. Class action suits for multiple injured parties may reduce the burden of legal fees by spreading it among the clients.

What are questions to ask Nebraska lawyers?

What Nebraska’s tort reform laws and how do they affect this case?

What is the most affordable billing option for my needs?

Do you think my case has merit?

Can you furnish me with a referral to another lawyer if you cannot handle my case?

Are you in good standing with the SBN?

In litigation, do you accept a lower fee if we settle with the other party out of court?

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