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Heather E Zaug

Heather E Zaug (13.41 Miles)

3975 Fair Ridge Drive
Fairfax, VA 22033

Malpractice Lawyer
(703) 591-3440
Bernard Garrett Jr Feord

Bernard Garrett Jr Feord (16.76 Miles)

10521 Judicial Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

Malpractice Lawyer
(703) 691-7575
Nicholas D Dale

Nicholas D Dale (20.51 Miles)

Suite 205
Bethesda, MD 20814-441

Malpractice Lawyer
(301) 907-7490
Mark Wells

Mark Wells (24.35 Miles)

1600 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209

Malpractice Lawyer
(703) 294-6500
Shadonna E Hale

Shadonna E Hale (26.69 Miles)

700 11th Street, North West
Washington, WA 20001

Government/Benefits Attorney, Medical Malpractice Lawyer
(202) 626-7660
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Guide to Finding Negligence Lawyer

Litigation for Unfounded Negligence

The Negligence Lawyer is dedicated to helping the individual who has sustained injury, whether bodily or otherwise, learn more about the negligence laws in his state of residence. The lawyer becomes a part of the injured party---the plaintiff’s team, as he remains on standby to provide any necessary assistance with a negligence claim. As the law allows for a specific timeframe within which to plead a case, also known as “statute of limitations law,” it is imperative to bring a case to a qualified Negligence Lawyer as soon as possible in the event of accident or injury occurring from negligence. The attorney separates the reasonable person from the unreasonable person in helping you to support your claim and seek compensation for damages.

The concept of negligence constitutes a legal failure to act in a certain way that would in normal circumstances prevent the suffering, harm, injury, or peril of another. Any conduct (or misconduct) that fails to meet the precedent set forth by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risks is calculated as an act of negligence. Since the concept of negligence was passed on from Great Britain’s English Law to the United States, save for Louisiana which adopted the Common Law of France, each state recognizes negligence as the widest range of torts, including all unintentional, wrongful conduct that culminates in the suffering and injury of other.

By seeking a Negligence Lawyer in a timely fashion, a victim of negligence is ensuring that the unreasonable person is brought to justice, by being forced to atone for his actions, or for his lack of actions. The claim filed becomes important not just so that the legal system and its usefulness through the medium of Negligence Lawyers can bring the injured party the compensation that he needs and deserves, but it also calls for accountability and a request for pardon on the part of the defendant. In the future, the defendant will be forced to reevaluate any and all conduct in the skill and services that he offers, or in the conduct that he undertake in order to ensure that it will not continue to harm any other people.

Often a Negligence Lawyer will take a person’s physical characteristics into consideration in determining if the person conducted himself unreasonably, and is therefore guilty of negligence by comparing his conduct with that of someone reasonable and of the same physical characteristics. The Negligent Lawyer finds that the potentially reasonable and rational person is not in fact the average or the typical person. Instead, he is the composite of the community wherein he resides, and therefore subject to their judgment of his conduct, and whether it has or has had the potential to harm the public.

Whereas the act of driving unknowingly without a tail or break light may result in an accident, and subsequently a charge of negligence, it does not show any intentional act on the behalf of the driver to willfully inflict harm onto any one person or persons, and thus, the driver is proven reasonable in this circumstance. However, if that same driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and proceeded to cause an accident which inflicted injury, be it emotional or bodily, he would retain a charge of DUI. Even though in hitting another pedestrian or another vehicle, a driver wouldn’t necessarily have done so willingly, a reasonable person wouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel intoxicated. Thus, the driver behaved negligently, exacted acts that were an unnecessary and an extreme risk to the public and can be held liable to an injured plaintiff despite his lack of motivation to inflict harm. Acts that result in harm not due to negligence, but due to intentional wrongful conduct will not be entertained by a plea of negligent, and a Negligent Lawyers will not take on such a case that includes the enactment of:

• Assault

• Battery

• False Imprisonment

• Trespassing Fraud

The prudent Negligent Lawyer takes in to consideration other personal characteristics in the determination of a deed, or a person as unreasonable, or reasonable. While a person’s life experience, as well as his or her observations and perceptions aren’t the only grounds in judging if he acted purposefully, or with intention, it is an important component in the determination of his plea. His prior knowledge has to be taken into account because that is what a reasonable person would do. By the same token, a person cannot deny having specific and prior knowledge of the community rules and regulations as a means of withdrawing accountability. It is his responsibility to know, as it would be for any reasonable man responsible for knowing about an activity that he choses to engage in. Elements that may affect a negligence claim, but that don’t get taken into account as much as physical characteristics by the resourceful negligent lawyer are:

• Age

• Mental capacity or intelligence

• Errors in judgment in the case of an emergency

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