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Allen N Papp

Allen N Papp (1.00 Miles)

530 Rahway Ave.
Woodbridge, NJ 07095-341

Family Lawyer
(201) 826-0508
David M Baer

David M Baer (3.74 Miles)

344 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840-243

Family Lawyer
(732) 549-9577
Barry Z Goldstein

Barry Z Goldstein (6.08 Miles)

1015 New Durham Road
Edison, NJ 08817

Family Lawyer
(732) 650-0444
Michael L Gardner

Michael L Gardner (6.75 Miles)

379 Thornall St 3rd Fl
Edison, NJ 08837-222

Family Lawyer
(732) 636-0361
Suzanne M Lyte

Suzanne M Lyte (7.25 Miles)

PO Box 284
South Plainfield, NJ 07080-403

Family Lawyer
(973) 753-0444
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Guide to Finding New Jersey Family Lawyer

A brief guide to New Jersey family lawyers

“Family law” is a broad term referring to litigation in many fields. New Jersey family lawyers specialize in many of these areas. What all such cases have in common is that they will be resolved in family court. Whether you need a New Jersey family lawyer depends on what kind of legal problem you are involved in. Before considering private legal counsel of this kind, here are some things to consider.

What family law covers

“Family law” refers to the series of federal and state regulation governing many aspects of domestic life. When it comes to relationships, NJ family lawyers can deal with:

• Marriages, including prenuptial agreements

• Divorces

• Child support payments

• Domestic abuse charges

• Elder care

• Adoption

Even within these fields, New Jersey family lawyers specialize. Some of these areas are examined in greater detail below.

Family law and divorce

If you are seeking a divorce, you and your partner may be in agreement as to the necessity of separation and capable of agreeing on the terms. In that case, your options would include:

• Completing the paperwork for a no-fault divorce without the help of a New Jersey family lawyer.

• Agreeing to a mediated divorce. In this case, a NJ family lawyer helps both sides reach a mutually acceptable agreement and prepares a petition for divorce to the court.

• Agreeing to a collaborative divorce. As with a mediated divorce, both parties negotiate with the help of a New Jersey family lawyer. However, if you are unable to agree on the terms of separation, you will need separate legal counsel if you decide to go to court.

Similarly, if you and your partner cannot reach agreement on your separation, New Jersey family lawyers can help represent you in court. For example, this may be the case if you are in an abusive relationship that your partner refuses to end. To press domestic abuse charges, you must first file a police report and ask if the public prosecutor’s office will be willing to act on your behalf. If this is not the case, a NJ family lawyer can help you prove that you have been abused and need to end your marriage despite your partner’s resistance.

Family law and adoption

If you and a partner wish to adopt a child, you will almost certainly need the help of a New Jersey family lawyer. Gay and single parents are allowed to adopt in the state, but a complex system of laws come with the process regardless of who you are. There are four types of adoptions:

• Public adoptions involve an abused child or someone otherwise taken away from their birth parents being placed by child protective services in another home. These types of adoptions do not generally require the help of a NJ family lawyer unless you are especially concerned about filling out the paperwork correctly.

• Private adoptions involve a birth parent giving their child up for adoption. New Jersey family lawyers are required to make sure all of the paperwork and procedures are properly completed.

• Agency adoptions involve an agency taking charge of a child with the birth parents’ consent and finding a home for them. Agency adoptions make use of the services of NJ family lawyers and you will probably need one to represent you if you decide to use this process.

• Intercountry adoptions refer to the adoption of foreign children.

Regardless of which adoption procedure you are following, you will need to complete a “homestudy,” in which an private or government assessor evaluates the state of your finances, interviews you to determine whether you are a fit parent and study your daily life.

Elder care

When an elderly family member needs medical care, NJ family lawyers can help ensure they are taken care of properly and prevent them from being abused.

There are three categories of elder abuse:

• Domestic abuse refers to physical or mental harm caused by family members responsible for taking care of an elderly person.

• Institutional abuse covers harm committed by nursing homes, residential homes and similar facilities for the elderly and ailing.

• Self-abuse refers to those elderly people who do not take their medication as required, look after their health, or otherwise pose a danger to themselves.

A NJ family lawyer can help you if you are suffering from this kind of treatment. They can also be helpful in planning your finances if you need to seek part- or full-time medical treatment.

Finding a NJ family lawyer

Not everyone will need to engage private legal counsel even if they are getting involved in area of family law. Many people are capable of getting married without NJ family lawyers getting involved, or of ending their marriages. Sometimes you may need legal counsel if you want to guard against legal counsel. If you can afford to pay to retain a NJ family lawyer, this can be helpful.

Regardless of the circumstances, you should never enter into a relationship with any attorney in a hurry. When you find yourself in need of a New Jersey family lawyer, first ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone they have personally worked with. Local bar associations can also provide you with a referral to the appropriate NJ family lawyer.

Marriages, divorces and adoptions do not have to be complex. Other areas, as pressing domestic violence charges, can be more difficult to navigate. Before talking to any New Jersey family lawyers, think about your needs and finances. Litigation can commit you to a lengthy and expensive process you may not be prepared to undertake.

Prepare for your first meeting with all NJ family lawyers by assembling all relevant documentation and a list of questions to ask. You need to make sure you are hiring someone experienced in your field who will represent you honestly. Litigation between family members will be painful enough without you being unsure if you have hired the wrong NJ family lawyer. Ask detailed questions about the nature of your case, what to expect from the legal process and what kind of expenses you will be liable for throughout.

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