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James O Johnson

James O Johnson (388.35 Miles)

Stanton, ND 58571

Environmental Lawyer
(701) 745-3518
Karen S Lee

Karen S Lee (1,283.31 Miles)

614 3rd St S
Wahpeton, ND 58075-472

Insurance Lawyer
Earle R. Jr Myers

Earle R. Jr Myers (1,283.42 Miles)

413 3rd Ave N
Wahpeton, ND 58075-442

LIT Lawyer
(701) 642-7766
John Bullis

John Bullis (1,283.55 Miles)

610 Second Avenue North
Wahpeton, ND 58075

Real Estate Lawyer
(701) 642-8055
Samuel S Johnson

Samuel S Johnson (1,283.61 Miles)

205 7th St. N.
Wahpeton, ND 58075

Bankruptcy Lawyer
(701) 642-2060
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Guide to Finding North Dakota Lawyer


North Dakota Lawyers: What You Must Know

North Dakota lawyers are legal professionals licensed to practice law and litigate on behalf of clients in the state of North Dakota. These legal professionals, because of the broadness attached to the term, may specialize in any scope of law.

North Dakota lawyers employ an acute knowledge for the state’s legal framework; this knowledge pledges the delivery of capable representation to those facing legal quandaries in North Dakota.

North Dakota lawyers are permitted to litigate in the state, only after they secure licensing. To secure a licensing, North Dakota lawyers must attain a post-graduate law degree from an accredited law school, and then subsequently pass the state’s bar examination.

The familiarity with North Dakota statutes provides these litigants the ability to expedite the search for legal remedies. Again, because of the broadness associated with the term, North Dakota lawyers can quell any legal situation pertaining to state law.

Will I Need a North Dakota Lawyer?

North Dakota lawyers preside over all legal matters that take arise within the state’s jurisdictional boundaries. The location of your legal matter and the attached laws are central when assessing your need for a North Dakota attorney. That being said, if your legal matter can be settled out of court or is too frivolous to warrant a legal filing, you should avoid hiring a professional litigant. However, if your case requires a professional, you must hire a specialist. The inclusion of specific counsel will bolster efficacy and ensure the delivery of a sound defense or claim.

Hiring a Specialist:

To build a case, you must hire a specialist. A North Dakota specialist is a term that refers to a legal professional who practices within a particular scope of law. To hire a specialist, you must isolate the laws of your case. For example, if you were injured by a consumer product and are seeking compensation from the manufacturer’s negligence, you must hire a North Dakota a consumer product lawyer or personal injury lawyer.

Searching for Representation:

When searching for North Dakota lawyers, you must utilize the following resources:

1. After identifying the type of North Dakota lawyer you need, you must conduct Internet searches to locate qualified North Dakota lawyers in your area.

2. Once you have attained a list of prospective lawyers in your region, you should conduct personal searches evaluate first-hand accounts, client testimonials and articles written by the legal professional. These resources are vital evaluation tools; they will gauge the experience and reputability of specific North Dakota lawyers.

3. After refining your list (eliminate North Dakota lawyers based on information gathered), you must inspect each professional’s biographical information; these profiles will reveal the individual’s years of service and their educational background.

Evaluating North Dakota Lawyers:

Contact the remaining North Dakota layers to schedule preliminary meetings or consultations. The costs of these meetings fluctuate based on your particular case and the North Dakota lawyer’s area of expertise. Frequently, a civil lawyer—who operates on a contingency schedule--will offer free consultations, to determine the validity of your claim. When meeting with North Dakota lawyers you must observe and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the North Dakota lawyer attentive?

2. Does the North Dakota lawyer care about my situation and well-being?

3. Does the prospective North Dakota lawyer make me feel comfortable?

4. Does the individual instill confidence that my case will be presided over in an efficient manner?

5. Can the North Dakota lawyer explain my case and laws in a lucid manner?

6. Observe the North Dakota lawyer’s staff and/or firm. The bulk of North Dakota lawyers are flooded with casework, prompting a delegation of assignments to their staff. Because of this, it is essential to observe the North Dakota lawyer’s office.

7. Is the North Dakota’s lawyer’s staff courteous and professional? These evaluations, although necessary, are trumped by the individual’s experience.

These observations, although important, should take a back seat to experience.

Experience is the most significant variable when evaluating North Dakota lawyers; experience denotes reputability, knowledge of the legal framework and the ability to develop a sound legal claim or defense.

North Dakota Lawyer’s and Fee Schedules:

A North Dakota lawyer’s fees vary based on the field of law and the individual’s experience. In general, a North Dakota lawyer will operate under one of the following fee schedules:

Contingency Fees: According to this pay schedule, a North Dakota lawyer will charge a percentage of a civil settlement, if one is secured. If a settlement is not secured, the North Dakota lawyer will not charge a fee—you will still be required to satisfy court costs and other fees associated with your suit.
North Dakota lawyers operating under this arrangement will charge typically 25-40% of your total settlement. Contingency fees are frequently applied in personal injury suits and property damage cases. North Dakota lawyers are not allowed to form a contingency arrangement in child custody and criminal cases.

Flat Fees: Under this fee schedule, a North Dakota lawyer will charge a flat, lump-sum fee. This arrangement is common in claims/cases that are straightforward/not complex.

Hourly Rate: Under this fee arrangement, a North Dakota lawyer will charge hourly for services rendered.

Retainer Fees: Under this schedule, a North Dakota lawyer requires a set fee paid prior to the rendering of legal services. The retainer serves as a down payment against which future costs are billed. The retainer acts as a separate account; the cost of legal aid is subtracted from the account as services accrue.

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