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Robert L McAllister

Robert L McAllister (13.23 Miles)

PO Box 338
Wayland, NY 14572-033

Business Lawyer
(716) 728-2110
George O. Hon Decker

George O. Hon Decker (62.66 Miles)

86 Franklin St
Concord, NY 14141-139

Bankruptcy Lawyer
Frank H. Jr Granito

Frank H. Jr Granito (86.99 Miles)

Two Grand Central Tower
New York, NY 10017-314

Aviation Lawyer
(212) 661-0011
Kenneth P Nolan

Kenneth P Nolan (86.99 Miles)

Two Grand Central Tower
New York, NY 10017-314

Aviation Lawyer
(212) 661-0011
Elizabeth J Shampnoi

Elizabeth J Shampnoi (86.99 Miles)

2 Grand Central Tower
New York, NY 10017

Civil Lawyer
(212) 490-4100
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New York Lawyer

Many areas of daily life can at some point require you engage with the American legal system. Whether you are facing criminal charges or filing a civil lawsuit, New York, NY lawyers specialize in many different areas of legal practice. Not all attorneys provide the same services, and not everyone may be competent to represent you. If you are facing the necessity of finding legal counsel, here are some things to keep in mind when contacting any NY, NY lawyers.

When to find a lawyer

People with more financial resources than others may sometimes retain legal counsel to help safeguard them from the threat of a future court date. These kinds of New York, NY lawyers are known as “transactional attorneys,” who practice preventive litigation. By looking after your documents and reviewing any contracts or agreements you enter, they can help make sure you are not committing to anything that may lead you to be sued later. Some varieties of preventive litigation NY, NY lawyers practice include:

• Reviewing any agreements between a business and a contractor

• Making sure all workplaces are in compliance with state and federal safety standards and have taken sufficient measures to accommodate disabled employees

• Reviewing all tax preparations

“Litigation attorneys” are New York, NY lawyers who appear in court to defend you. If you are the plaintiff in a civil case, they will argue for damages on your behalf. If you are the defendant in civil or criminal court, an attorney will help argue for your innocence.

There are three types of charges the police or a government can charge a person with in criminal court:

• Felonies, such as rape or murder

• Misdemeanors, such as assault

• Infractions, such as speeding tickets

Except in the case of infractions, you are entitled to legal counsel from a NY, NY lawyer from the moment you are charged with a crime. If you cannot afford to pay for the services of a private attorney, the court will generally appoint someone to represent you free of charge. This New York, NY lawyer will work throughout the legal process:

• After you are arrested, you will appear at an arraignment hearing where the prosecution will formally detail the charges against you. New York, NY lawyers will help you decide whether to plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. If you are offered a plea bargain by the prosecution, your attorney will evaluate whether you should accept their terms. In cases where bail has been set as a requirement before you can be released from jail, NY, NY lawyers will try to get the amount lowered or dismissed entirely.

• During the pretrial process, the prosecution and defense are required to regularly trade evidence. NY, NY lawyers may file a motion charging the prosecution with filing a case they cannot reasonably hope to win in court and ask for a dismissal on those grounds. A plea bargain may be agreed to at any point before or during the trial.

• If your case proceeds to trial, a NY, NY lawyer will present the strongest possible case for your defence. Should you be found guilty of a crime, the attorney will be present at your sentencing hearing to argue for a softening of the prosecution’s sentencing demands.

If you wish to file a lawsuit in civil court, you are seeking damages. A NY, NY lawyer can help you build a strong case if you are filing for damages from an injury, in a dispute with a landlord or tenant, or otherwise are seeking compensation you cannot obtain in criminal court. People facing civil litigation are not entitled to free legal counsel.

Most civil lawsuits are resolved before coming to trial. Unless you are determined to have your day in court, your New York, NY lawyer will typically try to obtain a mutually agreeable out-of-court settlement. Be clear on what you hope to achieve from the legal process before contacting an attorney.

Hiring a NY, NY lawyer

Whether you are suing or being sued, finding an attorney to represent you is not a process to rush through. You may need to interview many New York, NY lawyers before you find one who seems to meed your needs. Ask friends and family for referrals to specialists in your field that they have worked with. The New York State Bar Association can also refer you to a NY, NY lawyer with the appropriate experience.

Before agreeing to meet with any attorney, look up their disciplinary records online to make sure they have not been cited for ethical violations. Prepare as documentation as possible to show to a New York, NY lawyer. No attorney can offer a useful evaluation of your case until they have examined as much evidence as possible. Be prepared to ask and answer many questions of any New York, NY lawyer you talk to, including:

• What level of experience do you have with my kind of case?

• If you are not qualified to represent me, can you refer me to a NY, NY lawyer who may be better suited to my needs?

• How long will my case take to resolve?

• Who can I contact at your office if I need to get in touch with you?

Receive a detailed written plan from any New York, NY lawyer you consult at the outset to clarify the terms of your professional relationship.


During your first meeting be sure to receive a written estimation of all the expenses you can reasonably expect to have to pay. A New York, NY lawyer must explain any charges you do not understand. If you are involved in civil litigation and have a reasonable expectation of receiving a financial settlement, you may be able to find an attorney willing to work for no advance payment. Instead, these NY, NY lawyers will work on a contingency basis and take a percentage of the settlement. Be sure to ask about any pre-trial costs you may be liable for anyway, such as hiring an expert witness. NY, NY lawyers may be willing to advance some of these expenses.

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