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Carol S Boes

Carol S Boes (2,590.20 Miles)

Embarcadero Place
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Real Estate Lawyer
(650) 328-7000
Ella J Duncanson

Ella J Duncanson (2,590.20 Miles)

Embarcadero Place
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Real Estate Lawyer
(650) 328-7000
Joan A LeBlanc

Joan A LeBlanc (2,590.20 Miles)

Embarcadero Place
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Real Estate Lawyer
(650) 328-7000
Tanya E Prioste

Tanya E Prioste (2,590.20 Miles)

Embarcadero Place
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Family Lawyer
(650) 328-7000
J. Anthony Villanueva

J. Anthony Villanueva (2,590.20 Miles)

Embarcadero Place
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Real Estate Lawyer
(650) 328-7000
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Guide to Finding Palo Alto Lawyer


You may have a legal issue and not know how to go about resolving it. Palo Alto lawyers are specially trained in the law and in the legal system, and they can both advise you and assist you with your specific legal problems. If you are facing civil or criminal charges, a Palo Alto lawyer can help you fully understand your legal rights in the case, and the strengths and weaknesses of your specific case. A Palo Alto lawyer knows the procedures and rules for arguing your case in court and can make a huge difference in whether your side of the story is properly presented to a jury or judge.

A Palo Alto lawyer can also help draw up a will, file for bankruptcy, help you start a business, or get a divorce. If you have been seriously mistreated or injured, a Palo Alto lawyer can help you file a lawsuit. Some Palo Alto lawyers handle many different legal problems while others choose specialize in specific areas of the law.

In certain instances, failing to call a Palo Alto lawyer immediately can actually make your legal situation worse. If you are involved in a serious auto accident or if you are arrested, it is best to have a Palo Alto lawyer interview the witnesses and collect evidence as soon after the incident as possible.

In other legal situations, preventive advice can save you time, money, and trouble by preventing legal issues before they come up. For example, when you are buying your family home, you may come across troubles you sign the purchase agreement without fully understanding it. A Palo Alto lawyer would be able to clarify the advantages and drawbacks of various arrangements and contracts.Finding the Best Palo Alto Lawyers

Finding the best Palo Alto lawyers for your legal situation is similar to making any major financial decision. You will have to do some comparison shopping to find the best choices.

You can start searching using finding recommendations or referrals for Palo Alto lawyers. You might know a Palo Alto lawyer in your local area or a Palo Alto lawyer who works for a nearby company. These Palo Alto lawyers can often refer you to another Palo Alto lawyer who can help you with your case and has the experience to do so. You can also ask for personal references from employers, co-workers, friends, or family for Palo Alto lawyers. Other professionals such as business owners, teachers, bankers, social workers, and doctors may also be able to give you helpful Palo Alto lawyer referrals for your case.

Public interest groups may also be a helpful source for Palo Alto lawyer referrals. Organizations, such as non-profit public interest groups that are interested in social issues such as housing discrimination and civil liberties, can often provide you with referrals for Palo Alto lawyers or even legal assistance for your specific case. Other organizations may be able to give legal help if the issue is regarding a group of people rather than just an individual.

You may also wish to try out certified lawyer referral services by calling the State Bar of California to see if they have Palo Alto lawyer referral services that can connect you to different Palo Alto lawyers who may be suitable for your case. These services will typically interview you and review the general details of the case to try to find a Palo Alto lawyer who has the education and experience suitable for your problems.

It is possible to find attorneys through advertisements and listings in other places such as the yellow pages, newspapers, and online listings. However, these advertisements do not provide helpful information on a Palo Alto lawyer’s record of success, experience, standing, and more, so if you decide to use advertisements you should make sure to find out this information from the Palo Alto lawyer.First Contact with a Palo Alto lawyer

Once you compile a list of several Palo Alto lawyers that appeal to you, you can start by calling each Palo Alto lawyer and asking questions to help you decide on a Palo Alto lawyer. Some Palo Alto lawyers may wish to meet in person instead of talking about your Case over the phone. Some questions you should ask the Palo Alto lawyer include:

• How much previous experience do you have handling legal issues that are similar to mine?

• How have you recently handled a similar case?

• How was the case resolved? Did it go to trial or did you settle out of court?

• What was the result of the case?

Meeting with a Palo Alto Lawyer

Before your meeting, make notes regarding your legal situation so you can go over the important points easily with the Palo Alto Lawyer. You should bring with you all contact information, relevant documents, information, and reports regarding your case so that the Palo Alto Lawyer can make a better and more informed professional opinion regarding your case. You will want to find out more about the Palo Alto lawyer so you can make a decision about whether he or she is right for your case. Some questions to ask include the following:

• How long have you practiced in the state and in this area of law?

• What education and experience do you have that would help in my case?

• Have you ever dealt with issues like mine before?

• What are the potential outcomes of my case?

• Do I have any alternatives in resolving my case?

• Approximately how much time will it take to resolve my case?

• Do you recommend arbitration or mediation?

• How will you inform me about what is happening to my case?

• What kind of approach do you normally take? Are you unyielding and aggressive or are you much more compromising and willing to reach a settlement?

• Who else will work on my case (other lawyers, paralegals, etc.)?

• Can paralegals or junior lawyers in the office take care of some of my legal work at a lower rate?

Fees for Palo Alto Lawyers

Usually, there are three ways that Palo Alto lawyers charge fees. They may charge on a contingency basis, on an hourly basis, or on a fixed fee basis. If you hire a Palo Alto layer, he or she will provide you with his or her advice and professional expertise, and you should plan to be charged for his or her time accordingly.

If you think you need a Palo Alto attorney, you should make sure to discuss fees during your very first meeting. You should clearly understand how the lawyer intends to bill for the case. You should also expect to sign an agreement regarding fees with your Palo Alto lawyer so that you and your lawyer have a perfect understanding. You should not be hesitant to discuss Palo Alto lawyer’s fees or to negotiate fees at the beginning of your legal representation. Having a full understanding will assure a great working relationship between you and your Palo Alto lawyer.

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