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Nicholas C Guttilla

Nicholas C Guttilla (2,165.18 Miles)

City North
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Insurance Lawyer
(480) 304-8300
Marc Kalish

Marc Kalish (2,165.30 Miles)

3104 E. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016-450

Mediation Lawyer
(602) 956-3608
John Chaix

John Chaix (2,165.30 Miles)

3001 East Camelback
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Environmental Lawyer
(602) 235-9399
Stephen W Myers

Stephen W Myers (2,166.80 Miles)

Professional Corporation
Phoenix, AZ 85012

LIT Lawyer
(602) 200-7900
Jill Stoller

Jill Stoller (2,167.61 Miles)

21150 N Tatum Blvd. Apt. 2121
Phoenix, AZ 85050-721

Corporate Lawyer
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Guide to Finding Phoenix Lawyer


How do I find a Phoenix Lawyer?

When you are facing a legal issue in the Phoenix area, it is important that you seek the help of a qualified Arizona lawyer with strong connections to the Phoenix area. You should seek a Phoenix lawyer in the following circumstances:

- If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that occurred in Arizona, the responsible party resides in Arizona, and it occurred in the Phoenix area.

- If you are facing criminal charges in the state of Arizona around the Phoenix area.

- If your legal issue involves a government agency in Phoenix or the surrounding area.

Phoenix lawyers are available with all different types of specializations and skill levels. It is important that you find the right lawyer that can properly give you advice and represent you in court proceedings.

What to tell your lawyer

When you speak with your Phoenix lawyer, you must be able to identify the legal issues and circumstances that have lead you to seek legal help. Providing basic information at the outset will allow your lawyer to provide a basic evaluation of your case to determine whether you need legal representation or if there is another way of helping you. Phoenix lawyers will be able to either provide their services or refer you to other lawyers in the area with the proper experience to help.

Where to look for a Phoenix lawyer

Many lawyers are available in the Phoenix area and most will advertise their services in some form or another. You can find Phoenix lawyers listed in the phone book, through lawyer referral groups, or even see and hear their advertisements on television or radio. While these are all good sources for finding the names and locations of lawyers in your area, do not rely on any promises or guarantees they may make. Instead, use outside sources to find and evaluate Phoenix lawyers to find the ones that are right for you.

This website can provide such information, by allowing you to search and compare Phoenix lawyers. Use the search function at the top of the page and begin your search for a qualified lawyer.

Do I need a specialist?

Arizona state law is a very specific and unique body of laws that require the expertise of an experienced Arizona lawyer. Even more specialized is working the Phoenix area. Phoenix has multiple levels of courts, ranging from the Phoenix municipal court that handles basic motor vehicle infractions, to the federal district court located in the city of Phoenix. Finding the right Phoenix lawyer that practices in the court that your case will be heard is very important, as you want a lawyer who knows how and when to proceed with your case.

Preparing for an appointment

Try to arrive at your appointment well prepared and ready to discuss your case in detail with your Phoenix lawyer. Ensure that you refresh your memory about specific dates, times, names, and places so that your lawyer has all of this information when evaluating your case. You should also prepare to bring all necessary documents and papers that relate to your case, including medical records, police reports, or anything else that you have that should be brought to your lawyer's attention.

The preparation of questions in advance of meeting with your lawyer can help you and your lawyer get on the same page with your legal help. Anything you are unsure of or do not understand can be answered by the lawyer.

Evaluating Experience & Education

Phoenix lawyers must meet the requirements outlined by the Arizona State Bar Association. They must graduate from an accredited law school in the United States. Then, they must pass a review of their character and fitness to practice the law, which is evaluated by the State Bar. Finally, Arizona administers a state bar examination twice a year which must be passed before a lawyer can practice in the state. While these are the basic requirements for practicing law in Arizona, it is just as important that you ensure your lawyer has the proper experience and knowledge of the area of the law in which your need help.

It is important you consider outside sources and do not only rely on claims made in a lawyer's advertisements. These claims are often exaggerated and even false, so conduct some research to ensure that they are OK.

Personality & Values

Experienced Phoenix lawyers will have knowledge of the Phoenix area, the court systems, and the particular rules and customs of the local courts. Some of the specialties that can be found in the Phoenix area include immigration lawyers, Spanish bilingual lawyers, and corporate lawyers. Phoenix is the largest city in the state of Arizona, so accordingly has the most concentration of lawyers in Arizona.

Good lawyers in Phoenix will have a connection among other legal professionals in the area, who can advise them about their cases or act as a network of referrals. Always ensure that your lawyer has your interests in mind and is acting in an ethical manner with your case. Check with the Arizona state bar association if you have any questions or concerns regarding the services of a lawyer you or a family member has hired.

Rates, Fees & Retainers

Phoenix lawyers can charge a wide variety of rates and fees, which will vary greatly depending on the lawyer, the type of legal case, and how much legal work will be required. Always be aware of the fees and rates your lawyer will be charging you and get all agreements in writing from the lawyer.

A contingency fee is a certain percentage of the final award or settlement that will be paid to the lawyer only upon securing such an award. They can range from 30% to 40% of the total award, so the final amount can be a very large fee depending on the outcome. These rates can be helpful for people who cannot afford to put up money for legal services and cannot assume the risk of losing a legal case.

An Hourly Fee is a fee calculated based on how many hours is spent on the case. Phoenix lawyers fees can vary greatly, but you can expect to pay hourly rates of between $100 to $500 an hour for a lawyers services. These types of fees can quickly add up to very large amounts, so always be wary when agreeing to hourly rates unless you fully understand the services and expenses involved.

Interviewing your attorney

Consider the following when speaking with your Phoenix lawyer:

What are your rates and how are the fees calculated?

What services do you provide?

Do you have the necessary experience to take my case?

When can I contact you about my case?

When will you contact me to update me about my case?

Lawyers Phoenix

When you have a legal problem involving Arizona law and you or the event are located in the Phoenix area, lawyers in Phoenix can help you to resolve your case and provide qualified advice about how to handle you legal issue. It is important that you know what type of legal problem you have before searching for a lawyer. Phoenix lawyers may have specialties in criminal defense law, personal injury, real estate law, immigration, or any number of other areas of the law.

Consult a Phoenix lawyer if you are unsure about what type of legal problem you have. A good lawyer will provide some basic information about what you need to do, what type of lawyer you should hire, and in what court your case will be filed in. Phoenix is a very large metropolitan area, so it may also be helpful to seek a lawyer that is located near you, as you may have to travel numerous times to the lawyer's office, doctor offices, or the courts with your lawyer.

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