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Clifton E Hughes

Clifton E Hughes (1,667.39 Miles)

2 Wallflower Ct
Pueblo, CO 81001-111

Bankruptcy Lawyer
(719) 544-8001
Paul V Moss

Paul V Moss (1,668.68 Miles)

311 W 24th St
Pueblo, CO 81003

Family Lawyer
(719) 544-2100
Brian John Dougherty

Brian John Dougherty (1,668.78 Miles)

123 W 12th St.
Pueblo, CO 81003-280

Construction Contracts Lawyer
(719) 546-1700
J. W Kettelkamp

J. W Kettelkamp (1,668.89 Miles)

201 West 8th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003

Real Estate Lawyer
(719) 543-4321
Tuck Young

Tuck Young (1,668.89 Miles)

201 West 8th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003

Bankruptcy Lawyer
(719) 543-4321
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Guide to Finding Pueblo Lawyer


Do You Need A Pueblo Lawyer?

Whether you want to draft a contract, litigate an issue, or are just hoping to get some legal advice about your legal situation, it is a good idea to talk to a Pueblo lawyer. A Pueblo lawyer can identify the important legal consequences of your case that may affect you, give you options, and provide you with advice about your upcoming course of action. In many legal situations, even a quick meeting with a Pueblo lawyer can set your mind at ease and help you move you towards positive resolution for your issue.

Things to Remember When Hiring a Pueblo Lawyer

It is most beneficial to contact your Pueblo lawyer as soon as possible once your legal issue comes up. If you wait and hold off contacting a Pueblo lawyer, you might miss important deadlines pertaining to your case. Next, create a clear understanding about what you want to accomplish by meeting with the Pueblo lawyer. Finally, become familiar with different methods of billing that Pueblo lawyers use so that you are prepared and know what to expect when hiring a Pueblo lawyer. Hiring a Pueblo lawyer can be expensive, and understanding how they may charge for their services is a great way to keep lower your costs.

Figure Out Your Goals

It is helpful for you to create and keep specific goals you start your search for a Pueblo lawyer. Knowing what exactly you are looking to achieve in your case will assist you in narrowing your search for Pueblo lawyers and enable both you and the Pueblo lawyer to focus on the most important issues of the case. You will avoid spending extra time and money on extraneous issues, focus your Pueblo lawyer’s efforts on what you feel is important, and discuss a strategy clearly for meeting the goals. Depending on your specific situation, some goals you may want to accomplish after meeting with a Pueblo lawyer are:

• Reviewing a contract

• Evaluating a legal claim that is against you

• Evaluation your legal claim against another party

• Legal advice regarding the consequences of a specific course of action

• Formation of a business

• Creation of a trust or will document

You should remember that you are visiting a Pueblo lawyer to get a professional impression of your issue. While you may have a certain strategy or goal, you should still be open to the Pueblo lawyer’s suggestions regarding your case.

Finding Possible Pueblo Lawyers

Once you decide that a Pueblo lawyer would be in your best interest, you must start searching for potential Pueblo lawyers for your case.

You can begin by finding recommendations or referrals. Perhaps you know a Pueblo lawyer in your area or a lawyer that works for a corporation nearby. These Pueblo lawyers might be able to refer you to one of many Pueblo lawyers that have experience with your specific type of case. You can also ask your friends, employers, and co-workers if they know any good Pueblo lawyers. Business owners or professionals such as ministers, bankers, social workers, teachers, and doctors may be able to provide you with referrals for helpful Pueblo lawyers.

Public interest groups can also be a good source for Pueblo lawyer referrals. Non-profit public interest organizations, like those concerned with housing discrimination or civil liberties, might be able to help you find a good Pueblo lawyer for your case. Such groups often have staff lawyers that handle such cases. Others may provide legal help only to groups of people instead than to individuals. You can also try using certified lawyer referral services by calling the Colorado State Bar to see if they provide these services. Here, they refer potential clients to different attorneys. After interviewing you and finding out the basics of your case, the referral service staff will try to match you with an experienced Pueblo lawyer.

Lastly, you can try advertisements or other listings in newspapers, the yellow pages, or online for Pueblo lawyers. Some Pueblo lawyers choose not to advertise this way, other than to list their basic information such as their name, address and telephone number. But a Pueblo lawyer can advertise more extensively such as the yellow pages, radio, television, billboards, online, or other places as long as they do not have any false or misleading information on their advertisement.

Choosing the Best Pueblo Lawyer

Before you meet with any Pueblo lawyers, you should compare the lawyers to find the best one. Call each Pueblo lawyer and ask questions that may help you make your decision. You can about the Pueblo lawyer’s experience and whether he or she handles similar cases regularly. Ask if the Pueblo lawyer will meet with you free of charge once before you make your decision. If there is a consultation fee, find out how much it will cost. Write down everything that the Pueblo lawyers say and take time to think over which lawyers you like. Then make a formal consultation appointment with the Pueblo lawyer that seems right for you.

Before you meet with a Pueblo lawyer formally, write down ay key points in your case that you wish to share with the Pueblo lawyer. Bring the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of everyone who is connected to the case. Additionally, bring all papers and documents related to your case. Some lawyers may wish to review these papers before your meeting.

You can ask about any similar cases that the Pueblo lawyer has handled. Keep in mind that Pueblo lawyer’s age may not have anything to do with his or her ability. A Pueblo lawyer who has practiced 30 years may have less specific experience with your problem than a newer Pueblo lawyer who is four years out of law school. You should also find out if the Pueblo lawyer will personally handle your case. If the Pueblo lawyer intends to have a different member of the firm handle any portion of your case, you may wish to talk to the second Pueblo lawyer as well.

Be careful of any Pueblo lawyers who guarantee results. Most lawsuits and legal work are not guaranteed, but Pueblo lawyer point out the weaknesses and strengths of your case rather than guaranteeing anything. You can find out how long the Pueblo lawyer expects your legal case to take, what steps of the process will be involved, and how and what you will be charged. If you do not understand something, make sure to get it clarified.

Pueblo Lawyer Fee Structures

Pueblo lawyer fees can vary greatly. Depending on the nature of your case, a Pueblo lawyer's time can cost from $25 to $200 per hour or even more. If you think a Pueblo lawyer is too expensive, try talking to other local Pueblo lawyers and compare costs. Ask the Pueblo lawyer what he or she will do for you exactly for the money. Find out if there are any other costs you have not been informed about, such as court costs or other disbursements. Tell the Pueblo lawyer if you think his or her fees are too high. Some fees are negotiable and it is worth asking about.

There are multiple ways of structuring a fee. A contingency fee is where either all or part of the payment the Pueblo lawyer receives depends on his or her ability to obtain a particular result in your case. A straight time fee is when the Pueblo lawyer charges either a flat or hourly amount regardless of the result of the case.

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