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Danna Paje

Danna Paje (2,385.97 Miles)

302-F Toyon Avenue
San Jose, CA 95127

Business Lawyer
(408) 455-2820
Duyen Hoang Nguyen

Duyen Hoang Nguyen (2,386.73 Miles)

1569 Lexann Avenue
San Jose, CA 95121

Environmental Lawyer
(408) 528-7668
Arturo Hernandez-Melendez

Arturo Hernandez-Melendez (2,388.17 Miles)

15 South 34th Street
San Jose, CA 95116-241

Real Estate Lawyer
(408) 729-5785
Jessica Elaine Rauff

Jessica Elaine Rauff (2,389.23 Miles)

1045 South 12th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Insurance Lawyer
(408) 466-7436
Mimi N Trieu

Mimi N Trieu (2,389.34 Miles)

449 Keyes Street
San Jose, CA 95112

LIT Lawyer
(408) 603-3173
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Guide to Finding San Jose Lawyer


What is a San Jose Lawyer?

A San Jose lawyer is a legal representative that litigates on behalf of clients in the city of San Jose. San Jose lawyers typically preside over legal matters that occur within the city’s jurisdictional boundaries. Because of this breadth, San Jose lawyers may practice any scope of law so long as the legal matter in question takes place in the city’s boundaries.

San Jose lawyers are unique legal professionals because they apply a distinct understanding of the city’s statutes to their litigation efforts. This ability guarantees the delivery of succinct legal aid to residents of San Jose and those facing legal problems within the city’s boundaries.

To practice law in San Jose, one must acquire a law degree from an accredited law school and subsequently pass the California bar examination.

Will I Need a San Jose Lawyer?

Because a San Jose lawyer can practice any type of law in the city, these professionals may litigate over any legal matter. It is therefore crucial to identify the laws surrounding your case. Hiring a specific San Jose lawyer will expedite the retrieval of a legal remedy. For example, if you are filing a personal injury claim, you should hire a San Jose personal injury lawyer.

Searching for a Specialist:

To build an effective case, you must hire a specialist to litigate your matter. Matching your prospective representative’s specialty with the subject of your case is crucial. To hire a specialist, you must forecast your desired course of legal action. Moreover, you must pinpoint the laws surrounding your case. After deciphering your desired strategy you should conduct a thorough search for specialized San Jose lawyers.

Searching for San Jose Lawyers:

When searching for San Jose lawyers, you must utilize all available resources, including the Internet (search engines, forums, peer review services etc.) the state’s bar association and referrals offered by friends and family.

When searching for San Jose lawyers you should do the following:

1. Conduct an Internet Search (using popular Internet search engines) for San Jose lawyers in your area. The results will offer you a handful of San Jose lawyers.

2. After gathering a list of San Jose lawyers, you must conduct research on each prospect. Client testimonials, Internet forums, articles written by the prospects and the California Bar Association will provide details to help you evaluate the individual’s reputability and experience. To access this information, search the lawyer’s name and “reviews” or “testimonials” in search engines and visit the California Bar Association website. You should also visit each San Jose lawyer’s websites to view biographical information, including their achievements, education, experience and case histories.

3. Once you have gathered this information you can effectively eliminate San Jose lawyers from contention. Common variables for exclusion include: lack of experience, the cost of the San Jose lawyer and poor reviews.

4. Contact—via phone or e-mail—the San Jose lawyers who remain on your revised list. During this correspondence you should inquire about the San Jose lawyer’s experience and the expected course of action given your legal problem. Following the initial correspondence you should make a 2nd cut—eliminate those individuals who you do not feel confident in or comfortable with.

5. Contact the remaining prospects to schedule consultations. These preliminary meetings may entail a cost depending on your case and the attached area of law.

Evaluating a San Jose Lawyer’s Personality:

The consultation offers a 1st hand account, enabling you to evaluate the prospective San Jose lawyer’s personality and experience. During the consultation, the San Jose lawyer will decide whether your case is worth pursuing. In turn, you will decide whether the San Jose lawyer is a suitable match for your wants and needs.

A consultation will preview the San Jose lawyer’s legal strategy and ability. During the consultation, you must observe the following:

1. Does the San Jose lawyer listen well?

2. Does the San Jose lawyer seem genuine?

3. Does the San Jose lawyer care about my legal matter and my well-being?

4. Does the San Jose lawyer detail the particulars of my case, including the laws associated with the matter?

5. Does the San Jose lawyer instill confidence that my situation will be handled effectively?

6. Does the San Jose lawyer’s staff act in a courteous or professional manner?

7. Am I able to freely communicate with the San Jose lawyer?

8. Can I express my opinions, worries and feelings regarding the case without feeling judged?

In addition to asking yourself these questions, you should take note of the San Jose lawyer’s educational background and experience. Experience is the most important characteristic associated with legal help: this attribute denotes a strong understanding of the laws in question, as well as an aura of reputability and effectiveness.

San Jose Lawyer Fees:

A San Jose lawyer’s fees vary based on the field of law and the individual’s experience. In general, a San Jose lawyer will operate under one of the following fee schedules:

Contingency Fees: Under this arrangement, a San Jose lawyer will charge a percentage of the civil settlement only if one is secured. If a claim is not secured, a San Jose lawyer will not charge a fee—in this situation you are still required to pay court fees.
A San Jose lawyer operating under this schedule will charge typically 33%-50% of the settlement. Contingency fees are most common in personal injury suits and property damage cases. San Jose lawyers are forbidden from forming contingency arrangements in child custody and criminal cases.

Flat Fees: Under this arrangement, the San Jose lawyer will charge a flat, lump-sum fee. Flat fees are common in filings that are straightforward/not complex.

Hourly Rate: Under this arrangement, the San Jose lawyer will commonly charge hourly for services rendered. Retainer Fees: Under this arrangement, the San Jose lawyer will require a set fee paid prior to the rendering of legal services. A retainer is a down payment against which future costs are billed. The retainer is placed in a separate account and the cost of legal aid is subtracted from the account as they accrue.

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