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Stephen Oden

Stephen Oden (828.50 Miles)

1710 Moores Lane
Texarkana, TX 75505-551

Real Estate Attorney, Corporate Lawyer
(903) 792-8246
Bill Hannon

Bill Hannon (851.36 Miles)

PO Box 1168
Atlanta, TX 75551-258

Real Estate Lawyer
(903) 796-7114
Al Davis

Al Davis (884.99 Miles)

646 Fernbrook Lane
Marshall, TX 75672

Real Estate Lawyer
(903) 935-0921
Michael E Warwick

Michael E Warwick (889.43 Miles)

107 West Austin Street
Marshall, TX 75670

Real Estate Lawyer
(903) 938-6611
Robert R Brewer

Robert R Brewer (905.36 Miles)

Suite 242
Longview, TX 75601-514

Real Estate Lawyer
(903) 757-2212
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Guide to Finding Texas Real Estate Lawyer

Good Texas Real Estate Lawyer

There really are some heavy dealings going on when it comes to real estate, in particular when involving the state of Texas. Foreclosures, evictions, nonpayment, etc. etc.. So, naturally, it occurs that both sides even would need the services of a very experienced TX real estate lawyer.

Real estate law has its eccentricities, its complexities, and no real estate broker or agent can do the job better than a qualified Texas real estate lawyer able to navigate through difficult arguments for any issue regarding real estate. Here’s the question, though:

How Does a Client Pick a TX Real Estate Lawyer?

First off, know your issue. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, mortgage company or homeowner – knowing what the legal issue is will be crucial to finding the right Texas real estate lawyer. Specialties even exist within the legal niche.

Here are the important steps to finding a good TX real estate lawyer:

• Do the Appropriate Research

• Schedule a Free Consultation

• Consider Any Rates, Fees, or Charges

• And Then Make the Final Choice

These steps look easy; but don’t be fooled. It’ll take some time for a client to make it through each step correctly. And believe me: correctness is of the utmost importance when trying to hire the right attorney in a list of Texas real estate lawyers.

So let’s take it slow here and start with the first step:

The Research: What to Do and Not Do

First off, the client needs to know the particular issue. It could be a foreclosure issue; it could be a real estate fraud issue. Who knows. But knowing to ask the right questions will matter in finding the right list of TX real estate lawyers from which to choose.

Your first stop in your research will be the phone book, obviously. But no client’s going to let that be the be-all and end-all of a decision. The main purpose for the Yellow Pages is to simply find the basic information:

• Names of Offices or Firms

• Phone Numbers

• E-Mails

• Web Site URLs

• Physical Location

Stay away from ads that scream at you, trying to ‘sell’ you the services as if you need convincing. Those ads put on by some Texas real estate lawyers typically don’t have a whole lot of experience; and when dealing with family law, experience is paramount.

The next part of the research is important. After gathering maybe nine possibilities from the phone book with all the pertinent information, a client’s going to want to call every single number there.

Why? To ask whether or not the office or firm deals in the specific issue under real estate law.

That one question will serve to allow the client a chance to scratch off any names of TX real estate lawyers that are on the list who say ‘no’ to the specific case. Pretty easy, pretty quick. Of course, the remaining Texas real estate lawyers will have to face the next step in the process:

The Free Consultation

This separates the fresh fish in the legal industry from the seasoned trout. Although occasionally the ‘fresh fish’ can provide the right taste for the case.

A free consultation is basically a meeting, free of charge, between a client and a lawyer. What a client needs to do is call the remaining TX real estate lawyers on the list to set up an appointment. Each attorney will most likely say ‘yes’ and then fit the client in the schedule somehow. And why shouldn’t the lawyer work as hard as possible to get a client in? That’s a potential client.

This is particularly why attorneys do offer that consultation for free.

In addition, when a client comes in to discuss a case with a lawyer, two things can happen for two different reasons each: one, the client approves of the lawyer and considers that lawyer for the case either by experience or simply because the attorney’s available or both; and two, the lawyer takes the case…. Or not!

The fact is every case is unique. And not every attorney can handle each case. So it’s important for a client to take that free consultation seriously.

Some common questions include:

• How many years of experience do you have?

• Who do you normally represent in your field?

• How many clients do you currently have?

• Do you have reviews or referrals from prior clients?

• What are your rates and/or fees like?

• Which law school did you graduate from?

• Can you take my case?

• If you can’t, do you know an attorney who CAN?

Any client can see the benefit of the free consultation. Because if a lawyer can’t take a case and can provide the name of someone who can, it’s definitely worth checking up on. The case will obviously mean that much to a client, so why not give it a try.

Good research means exhausting all possibilities. And the free consultation does just that.

Consider Your Finances, Though

While a Texas attorney might be excellent, recognize that your wallet may not cooperate with the hiring of a specific lawyer for one basic reason: payment for services.

Let’s face it: lawyers don’t come cheap. They study hard in law school to then take one of the most difficult tests to pass – the Bar Exam – and then work on building their clientele list and a strong basis for work to be able to succeed on their own, either in their own office or getting hired through a firm. These lawyers deserve a pretty penny for what they do, especially when they’re passionate about any given case.

So know that a client will be dealing with certain types of rates/fees:

• The “Retainer” Fee

• The “Contingency” Fee

• The Hourly Rate

A “retainer” is simply a down payment on a lawyer’s service, hence “retaining” those services until the case has been resolved. Typically, it’s a large amount of money paid upfront.

The “contingency,” however, is paid after the case has been decided, typically at a percentage of any settlement offered in a case, typically involving a lawsuit or money dispute.

The hourly rate is pretty standard and only applies to time in court.

Weigh the options. See what would work for you. Look at your own case, and then proceed to the next step….

The Final Choice

Because a client’s case matters. It’s important to have a lawyer on a client’s side. But not just any Texas lawyer.

An experienced one. The right one. And definitely a good one!

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