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Jonathan M Doloff

Jonathan M Doloff (0.47 Miles)

1480 U.S. Highway 9 North
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Intellectual Property Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(732) 636-4500
Charles F Cerria

Charles F Cerria (1.56 Miles)

200 Creemer Ave
Iselin, NJ 08830-232

Intellectual Property Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(732) 634-0079
Paulette R Carey

Paulette R Carey (2.30 Miles)

510 Thornall Street,
Edison, NJ 08837-220

Business Attorney, Corporate Lawyer
Nazish Agha

Nazish Agha (3.25 Miles)

22 Meridian Road
Edison, NJ 08820

Corporate Lawyer
Matthew Mosner

Matthew Mosner (4.79 Miles)

144 Fernwood Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837-362

Intellectual Property Attorney, Copyright Lawyer
(732) 491-0497
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Trademark Lawyers Protect Your Intellectual Property

There are virtually an unlimited number of things can be trademarked, such as a word, phrase, numbers, pictures, smells, sounds, or colors. In order to protect this intellectual property, you should contact a trademark lawyer. Attorneys for trademark filings can help you select, file, register, and develop your trademark.

Trademark lawyers file the paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, if there is not extensive research done first, your application may be rejected because it is too similar to an existing trademark. Trademark lawyers can take care of this research to ensure your trademark application goes smoothly.

Trademark lawyers can also help with enforcement action if your trademark is used without your approval. A trademark lawyer can also prepare a case for Federal Court for trademark infringement or provide the representation you need to sue someone for counterfeiting your intellectual property.

A trademark lawyer understands the complex laws and regulations in place for governing intellectual property. In fact, another term for trademark lawyers is an intellectual property attorney. If you have questions concerning the process of filing and registering your trademark, it’s best to speak to an experienced trademark lawyer. They understand how this area of the law works. You certainly don’t want to build your company’s brand image around a trademark that can’t be used legally.

Attorneys for trademark cases can be found in the yellow pages and online. Many offer their services for a flat fee, instead of at an hourly rate. It could be the best money you’ve ever spent.

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